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During development, both GIS engineers and GIS analysts use the same methodology, standards and tools for project management, which allows effective team cooperation. As a result, the teams are able to draw on best practices from a diverse variety of disciplines and come up with a solution that directly answers your needs.

What We Do


Quality geodata is the basis for creating accurate maps, predictions and management decisions. To get quality it is imperative to organize geodata effectively at every stage along the development process – from collection, to maintenance, to analysis. Our team is here to help you do that.

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Getting the right software for your geodata requires knowledge of specialized tools, technologies and specific characteristics of cartographic interfaces. That’s why we have a special team of software engineers, who focus on engineering, development and testing of GIS software solutions. Together, they can develop your next software solution for geodata processing.

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We help companies effectively implement and use both, open GIS solutions, which are based on open source technologies and databases, as well as proprietary technologies. Our specialists use latest technologies, while keeping in mind long-term GIS trends.

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You Get

Unmatched combination of analytics and technical expertise
Guaranteed Quality
Predictive Geodata Processing
Continous Process Improvement

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Geospatial Services
Geodesy & Cartography
Municipal Services & Land Administration
Location-based Services
Ecology & Nature Supply
Construction & Energy Supply

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