Intetics entered CIO Applications’ list of Top 25 GIS Solution Providers 2018

We are proud to announce about the inclusion into the list of 2018 25 Top GIS Solution Providers created by CIO Applications. The list was created by the CIO Applications’ editorial team on the basis if the research and analysis of the companies whose solutions and services can help organizations overcome business challenges.

According to the latest research, the global GIS market is expected to grow over $17 billion by 2023. GIS has become penetrative, steering great disruptions across several sectors including government, energy, and transportation amongst many others. The opportunities for GIS industry seem endless.

Along with that the year 2017 saw more intervention of GIS into other spheres of business. This powerful data channel gained more prominence for deliberate decision-making as spatial information is becoming more accessible along with the tools for aggregating the same. It is possible for all this to be implemented only by a group of highly-professional business-analytics solutions providers that can accommodate multifaceted requirements entirely. That is where Intetics comes into the picture by developing and implementing automation software which helps to deliver their services faster while keeping quality on the highest level.

“Lately, we see the massive demand growth for geospatial data and geo-enabled devices. This enables the expansion of GIS technology landscape and this is where Intetics steps in to deliver top-notch solutions and cover the demand. Intetics’s key strength lies in our flexibility and readiness for new challenges as dictated by the demands of our clients. Our success is the result of facing significant challenges and doing it right,” – says Pavel Yalovol, Intetics VP on Geo and Digital Solutions.

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The main objective for the usual outsourcing company is to complete a certain amount of work in a specified period of time. At Intetics we are above usual since along with being consistent with technical requirements, we additionally always try to improve your data, your processes and your software. By engaging us you are getting an innovative and highly skilled team of GIS and software professionals to resolve your most complicated tasks and improve your production chain.

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