Effortless use. Always accessible. Completely custom

Access your data whether you’re in your office or out in the field.

The Drone Data GeoPortal is optimized to work with mobile and desktop devices. It’s a flexible solution that allows you to use data collaboratively or limit use and secure data in accordance with ISO 27000.

Communicate effectively with clients
On average, about 20% of time spent on a project is wasted on solving technology problems when delivering results to a client. As a result, you lose time and risk decreasing client satisfaction. The Drone Data GeoPortal allows the client to view your hard work directly and without glitches.

A platform to showcase your services
The Drone Data GeoPortal can be extended to function as your online store, where you can accept orders for data collection and offer additional services to your clients. Transform your data management tool into a marketing platform!

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