For an oil pipeline operator, pipeline monitoring accounts for a significant portion of their operations costs. Their pipeline network stretches for hundreds of kilometers through hard-to-reach areas that are often inaccessible to terrestrial vehicles. For a long time, the only available way to monitor the pipelines was with foot patrols and helicopters. These monitoring processes, however, were not comprehensive enough, as many sections of the pipeline were still located in swampy and wooded areas and could not be inspected.
Irregular monitoring meant that accidents were frequent on the line, causing big environmental and economic damage. The oil transport company was looking for a partner who could help them improve their monitoring process using the latest technology.

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How to ensure a high level of software product performance?

In the world of technologies growing rampantly, it is necessary to make sure a software product will perform well under the expected workload. A software product that is compliant with required parameters delivers benefit to a company, saves costs and ensures positive reputation.

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Belarus Legalized Cryptocurrency to Become a Global Crypto Hub

Belarus has entered the list of countries supporting blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. The news outlets reported about the signing the law that legalizes cryptocurrencies and initial coin offering (ICOs) tokens in the country.