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Bringing added value to your company’s geospatial proposition

We entered the industry about 10 years ago. Since that time we have been delivering geo software development services to companies all over the world. Intetics.Geo employs 160+ professionals who possess industry-specific knowledge and expertise in GIS solutions. With that experience behind our back, we know how to combine our passion to geoscience with your craving for reliable software.

Our Mission

To build the best teams for geospatial projects of any complexity

Intetics Geo has its goal to revamp geospatial projects delivery. We strive to accelerate the workflow, automate the processes and optimize the approach to bring high value to our clients. To do this, we create teams with broad geo-scientific and technical background to handle the projects of any complexity applying brand-new methodologies and cutting-edge technologies.

Operating Principles

Expert Knowledge

Our staff is our greatest asset. Intetics.Geo employs over 160 top-notch experts with niche knowledge and diverse technology skills. Our solutions are created by true geo-geeks, that’s why they work the way you need.

Vibrant Community

We know that success of our people requires two things: the right skills and the right opportunities. With this in mind, we build the environment where highly motivated people collaborate with industry gurus to advance skills and generate unrivaled ideas.

Well-Tuned Process

Depending on the project requirements, our geo experts will guide you through each phase of the solution development, step by step. We provide practical advice on technology and solution design options. We like keeping things transparent to have everyone involved.

Transparent Communication

Effective communication is essential for project success. At Intetics, we follow strict communication principles of availability and quick accessibility. For a better efficiency, we advocate a stay-connected policy, this allows our clients to reach project managers and project coordinators about any issue.

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